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Welcome to Africa Vacation CA

Welcome to Africa Vacation CA, this is going to be the home to tons of travel journals from people who have traveled the different countries of Africa.

Vacations spent in the beautiful continent of Africa truly are experiences meant to be shared with other people and should not not just be kept locked up in your personal journals or travel diaries. By reading these personal accounts of the travels of people who have journeyed across the many countries in Africa, you have the opportunity to reflect and empathize with their adventures and hopefully pick up a few tips on how you can better enjoy your African vacations and holidays.

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Memphis, Step Pyramid, Sakkara & Pyramids of Giza

Day 2 We were awakened by the alarm at 6:45. We gave ourselves 2 hours to shower, pack and eat before meeting Waled, then walked downstairs for 9 am. After showering we headed down to the Lobby of the hotel for our free breakfast. At first all we could find was a 125 pound Breakfast buffet which [...] Read More »

Flight Home - Cape Town, London, Toronto & Winnipeg

Day 16 Lisa and I slept in a little and only got up around 8:30 we were going to need all the rest we could get for the very long ride home. We got dressed and headed down for breakfast. Since we hadn't eaten anything the night before I decided I was going to have a [...] Read More »

South Africa Safari

A Africa Safari is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have. The feeling of knowing you are with some of the largest wild animals in the world is not only exciting, but it makes you feel alive. The Bush, as locals call it, is a place where the wild roam and you could [...] Read More »