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Welcome to Africa Vacation CA

Welcome to Africa Vacation CA, this is going to be the home to tons of travel journals from people who have traveled the different countries of Africa.

Vacations spent in the beautiful continent of Africa truly are experiences meant to be shared with other people and should not not just be kept locked up in your personal journals or travel diaries. By reading these personal accounts of the travels of people who have journeyed across the many countries in Africa, you have the opportunity to reflect and empathize with their adventures and hopefully pick up a few tips on how you can better enjoy your African vacations and holidays.

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Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Safari

Day 10 The alarm went off at 6:15 but we didn't crawl out of bed till 6:30. Lisa and I packed our stuff and headed down to the dining area of the hotel for our free breakfast. I was pretty amazed; the hotel had a full out buffet breakfast with chefs making eggs however you liked [...] Read More »

Kruger National Park Safari & Johannesburg

Day 12 Up at 5:50 am, not quite as early as the morning before but we knew it would be a long day and wanted to get in an extra hour of sleep. We also had to have our bags packed and ready to go for 6:30 as this was our last day in the park, [...] Read More »

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