Africa Vacations

Planning a trip to Africa can be as much fun as the actual trip, but you need to decide what you really want to see in Africa to make sure you get the experience you want. The climate is very dry and hot in Africa so traveling in July and August, the hottest months, is not recommended. The best way to travel in Africa is by train, or a ride down the Nile, or a flight over the plains to see animals in their natural habitat.

Africa is divided into six regions: North Africa, Saharan Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, and Southern Africa. In each one of these regions you will be able to experience the diversity of the many cultures of Africa with their numerous languages. South Africa draws more tourists than the other areas which is why we are just discussing that area.

If you choose South Africa as your destination, you will have the experiences of your life. If you go for the classier things, the cosmopolitan city of Johannesburg is the place to go. Other parts of South Africa have geographical extremes that go from the arid desert of the Karoo to the Drakensberg Range with its snow capped peaks to the KwaZulu-Natal with its lush subtropical coast line. There a rich diverse land of birds and plant life in South Africa and it will leave you awestruck with its rich cultures. You will also find an amazing display of animals in the unspoiled wilderness. You’ll enjoy the breathtaking drives but you have to watch out for the large antelope crossing the road.

You’ll see luxury shops where you can shop all day long, or you can browse around in the famous bazaars with their smells of rich spices along with goats hanging on hooks. You’ll also find gorgeous cloths and jewelry to barter with the storekeepers. In the Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve you can enjoy a range of physical therapies that no other land can offer, not even the extravagant spas in the States. You can see the largest baobab tree in the world if you take the Garden Route. This trip is where you’ll be overwhelmed by the South Africa’s Natural eight World Heritage Sites.

South Africa also boasts a large collection of wildlife regions and game parks which encompass every landscape possible from forests to deserts and the coast to the mountains. This is where you will find Africa’s Big 5: Elephants, Rhinoceros, Lions, Buffaloes and Leopards. There are breathtaking and unforgettable journeys to enjoy in South Africa. You can float down to the wetlands to see hippos on a canoeing trip or kick up the dust on a Quad bike or a pony trek. The views from the revolving cable cars at the Table Mountain National Park are phenomenal and will definitely take your breath away. South Africa is well-known for its exceptional national parks such as The Kruger National Park, The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the heart of the Kalahari desert with many different types of game, and also some smaller parks.

In South Africa there is so many different types of destinations to choose from. You can see the Seychelles Islands, which are 115 beautiful granite and coral islands scattered within the Indian Ocean. You could also enjoy Botswana, a land dominated by the dry Kalahari Desert. Then there is Nambibia in the middle of the vast Namib Desert, or Zambia dominated by wilderness and an overwhelming sense of space.

One moment you be exploring the origins of ancient man, the next minute you’re cage-diving with Great White Sharks. South Africa is the land of 11 languages and the people are known for their humanity and friendliness. After viewing South Africa and all it has to offer, you’ll never be the same again.

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