All About South Africa Vacations

For those who are thinking about traveling to Africa or are already in the process of planning a vacation there are many things to consider when planning South Africa vacations. South Africa is beautiful, exotic land with much to do. Here is a look at some places to consider staying at in South Africa as well as some of the more popular activities to take part in.

South Africa has thousands of hotels with many of them being very luxurious. Some of the more popular hotels include An African Villa which features very clean and stylish rooms with a friendly staff or the 2Inn1 Kensington which has 5 star amenities but with a much more personable staff. There are also very nice hotels for those who are on a budget as well.

After you have decided where you want to stay while planning your own South Africa vacation you can then move on to planning out what you would like to do. One reason South Africa vacations have become so popular is because there are many different things visitors can do for fun. Families would enjoy something like the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre which gives its guests the opportunity to walk along beautiful creatures such as the leopard and the cheetah. It is all very safe and guests can see the animals from a distance or if they are more comfortable up close. They also feature a Meerkat Meander where visitors can see the Meerkats as well as a plethora of exotic birds. They are open all year long and have a place for small meals if you get hungry while visiting.

For visitors who want to really know what life in South Africa is like they will enjoy the Emzini Township Tours. This takes you to the center of Knysna Township where you will learn how their township functions and even meet some of the friendly locals. You can see some of the kids perform and maybe even get to see some of them play the bongo drums. It is truly a unique experience you will never forget.

Wine lovers will love to take part in one of the Lynx Wine tours. They produce very impressive wines and the tour provides visitors with the chance to participate in wine tasting’s. The guides are very friendly and it is a quiet, intimate atmosphere.

Table Mountain is one of the more popular destinations for those planning a South Africa vacation. There are many different paths visitors can take depending upon their own abilities. Hiking here will give visitors the chance to see the real natural beauty of South Africa. It is also a good place to get pictures of your South Africa vacation because the views are truly stunning.

As you are planning your South Africa vacation it is important to consider what time of year you are going. Winter there is from June to August where it is cool and dry with snowfall in the mountain area. April to May is a good time to visit South Africa as it is warm during the day and cooler during the evening.

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