Kruger National Park

Visiting the Kruger National Park is one of the most unforgettable ways to spend your trip in South Africa. Only the Kruger Park offers so many choices for lodging with all of the desired amenities and experienced tour guides who can take you to all of the best game viewing in the area. The Kruger National Park has some of the best locations for a safari experience, along with allowing its visitors to enjoy themselves in luxury. Staying at the park will ensure that your visit will remain with you for the rest of your life.

There are a variety of resorts, ranging from 5 star luxury lodges to modest family-affordable hotels. If you are traveling with a family, you will be pleased to hear that the Kruger National Park is home to a wide selection of family friendly hotels and safaris. A Child-friendly lodge will allow the children to go on guided walks around the camp with the rangers and learn about the South African wildlife in a safe and appropriate way. There are also exclusive family safaris where you will be given the opportunity to meet other families and still experience an authentic African safari experience. If you are coming to Kruger National Park with a loved one, whether for an anniversary or a honeymoon, you may be interested in a resort-style lodge that caters to adults. Full bars and luxurious suites are just some of the amenities for couples who visit the resorts.

Safaris in the Kruger National Park allow you to get up close with hundreds of different animals in their natural habitat. There are several game reserves that offer different environments and species. The luxury safaris are an amazing way to experience the South African plains because they have dining right on the caravan under the warm African sky, a full service offered by the staff and tour guides who are dedicated to bringing you closer than ever with the wildlife. Every guide has years of experienced and trained thoroughly so they know the best places to see the true South African wildlife. Family safaris are a great way to give your kids an amazing experience without putting them into any immediate dangers. A romantic trip could also a great alternative to the typical safari, taking you to the best locations and can even take you out at night. This gives the traditional safari a whole new way to experience wildlife and also share some romance with your significant other.

There are several safaris and lodges in South Africa but only Kruger National Park boasts having many of the best resorts in the area while also having some of the best safaris as well. There a wide variety of safaris that can be taken and depending on the length of your stay, you can experience several different safaris. Staying at one of the many luxury hotels in the Kruger National Park allow its visitors to truly experience everything that the South African wildlife has to offer.

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