South Africa Safari

A Africa Safari is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have. The feeling of knowing you are with some of the largest wild animals in the world is not only exciting, but it makes you feel alive. The Bush, as locals call it, is a place where the wild roam and you could roam with them, well, not literally. Obviously, you would be nestled securely in a safari truck with an experienced guide to keep you safe, but it’s still open. You don’t always see every wild animal when you go on a safari because most have a natural respect for humans and won’t show their face, but it is likely that you will see a couple of them if not more.

The African Bush is nothing short of amazing! The land tends to be dry so it gives beautiful brown, orange, and red tones. Because the sun is so intensely close to the earth, it gives the most amazing sunsets, called sundowners. In many areas, there are not a lot of mountains so you can see for miles as the sun disappears to the other side of the world. Often times, depending on where you are, you will share this experience with the baboons that frolic in the trees just below you. They are quiet creatures so sometimes it is hard to spot them, but they are most likely there. In fact, all the wild animals are there, but you don’t always get the pleasure of laying eyes on them, but when you do your mouth will drop in awe of their beauty.

The recommended time to travel to South Africa is in January or February because it is summer, and, well, who doesn’t like summer? If you live in a cold climate this is a nice break from the cold weather. Cape Town is the most popular destination for travelers. It offers you the best of both worlds; the beach and the mountains. There are many places to enjoy the sunset and kick up your feet for a little R&R. As soon as you are ready for a change of pace or to see the magical moments of Mother Nature head on over to Kruger National Park for your safari experience.

There are many packages and places to stay when you plan your trip. It’s a hot destination, and I don’t just mean the climate, so there is much to offer. Search around and find your best deal. It will be an experience you will never forget.

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