Taking in South Africa

There are few places in the world as storied as South Africa. From the fabled mariners who dreaded the passage around the Cape of Good Hope to the glamorous and wealthy who soak in the sun from Cape Town, South Africa has a place for everyone. As the 2010 World Cup begins to kick off, many people will flock to South Africa to be a part of history. For those of you who happen to be in South Africa, here are some of the things you need to check out.

The most popular attraction for South Africa is the waterfront. South African beaches have been havens for beautiful women, attractive men and daring surfers for decades. It is no secret that some of the most beautiful models to walk that catwalk got their start strutting the South African coast. With over 1,000 miles of coastline, and some of the world’s most intense surf scene, the waterfront leaves countless opportunities for the avid beach comber.

Another intriguing point of interest for the outdoor lover is the miles of nature and hiking trails. South Africa possesses some of the most unspoiled terrain for the outdoors sportsman or sportswoman, as the case may be. South Africa has been a haven for adventure and extreme sports enthusiasts, catering to the bungee jumper, BASE jumper, shark diver, kayak enthusiast or even the camping expert in your group. Even if that isn’t your cup of tea, the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve may be. The Nature Reserve is a short 45 minute drive from Johannesburg, and was designed as a private getaway, which now hosts a number of luxury chalets for hire. While there you can watch and follow over 600 animals in 25 different species.

In November 2010, 32 countries square off in South Africa to vie for the FIFA World Cup Championship. For the first time ever, the cities of South Africa will hold the venues for all of the World Cup preliminaries and elimination matches. So far, over 500,000 requests have been submitted for tickets, so if football is your game, then place your request for tickets today. Ticket prices for entry start at just $20 (USD) per person, but will go up as the matches get closer to the final match.

South Africa offers many options for even the pickiest traveler. You can choose to rough and live under the stars as you hike your way across the countryside, or you can live in the lap of luxury in a 5 star all-inclusive resort in Cape Town. Regardless of your tastes or demands, background or income, South Africa has a place for you. The chance to visit country at the bottom of the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity, do not let it pass you by.

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