Why You Want to Visit Cape Town Africa

Anyone interested in traveling to Africa will find the city and surrounding areas of Cape Town to be one of the best possible locations to visit. They have some of the best tourist services on the entire continent and the local populous is friendly and always interested in meeting world travelers.

There are many reasons to Visit Cape Town including learning about local customs, dining on native cuisine, and shopping at some of the most unique stores in the world. The most beautiful of southern Africa’s cities, Cape Town is embedded in the scenic Table Mountain and provides a glorious overview of nature’s abundance combined with man’s capacity for architecture.

Lodgings and Recommendations

The most popular and often visited hotel in Cape Town is the Cape Heritage Hotel. It was built in 1771 but despite its multi-century lineage it comes with full modern conveniences including dedicated in-suite bathrooms, digital safes, and fully stocked mini-bars. The rooms are opulent and well appointed to the extent that many people have stated a belief that they wish their home looked as lovely as the hotel rooms there.

Other notable lodgings and establishments of similar repute are the Table Bay hotel, with either views of the Atlantic Ocean or Table Mountain, and A Sunflower Stop, a more personal and less costly place to reside while visiting Cape Town.

Things to Do in Cape Town

One of the most cited activities people seem to enjoy in Cape Town actually occurs outside of town. Normal outdoor activities like mountain biking become adventurous pastimes in the area due to the scenery, the people, and the exotic animal life. The beauty of the sandy beaches, cloud covered Table Mountain, or a new local friend, can readily cause even the simplest outdoor activity to become a series of moments to remember a life time.

Sail boarding and cliff jumping in the area are world renowned and people come from all over the globe at all times of the year to experience the wind, the waves, and the sight of someone with little regard for personal safety leaping off of a cliff into the ocean.

For those individuals which are less inclined to be out in the wilds on vacation there are many guided tours to places such as Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, and the Two Oceans Aquarium with its abundance of sea life and amazing displays. These two attractions alone bring hundreds of thousands of people a year to the city.

Drakenstein Lion’s Park always draws a crowd since it is one of the few places in Africa that actively protects lions from the canned hunting industry. They live in authentic areas that are designed to allow the large cats a place where they can be safe from the predations of man while living their lives in a manner they enjoy.

In Conclusion

Cape Town South Africa is a place of incredible beauty and potential for adventure. There is the wildness of nature, the serenity of botanical gardens, and food that would make most people weep for envy due to its variety and flavor. There are few places in the world that can be said to surpass it for its natural wonder and friendly people.

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