Cairo to Luxor to Begin Our Nile Cruise

Day 3

We got up at 3:45 to be ready and waiting at the hotel entrance for 4:15. We met our host Waned in the lobby and he loaded us up into the van and off to the airport. At the airport we were greeted by another host who helped us get our tickets. When he gave us our ticket he said first class, I looked at the seat numbers and it said row 21, I thought he was just saying this to get money out of us. We quickly stopped at the Air Egypt VIP lounge and grabbed some water. We were only in the lounge a few minutes when they announced the boarding for our plane. About this time is when Lisa started telling me she wasn’t feeling very good.

We got out of the VIP lounge and headed for our gate. At the gates we were loaded onto a bus and driven out to the tarmac were we boarded our plane. When we got on the plane the first row of seats was row 21, the guy at the airport was actually telling the truth. As soon as we sat down we asked the stewardess for a barf bag because Lisa was really feeling sick by then. Not long after we boarded we were in the air, the crew served us a quick breakfast of croissants and buns, but before we knew it we were already starting to descend into Luxor.

Lisa almost made it, about two or three minutes before touching down she used the barf bag. Thankfully we hadn’t eaten much and there wasn’t that much in the bag.

Getting off the plane there were two buses waiting for us. We stepped on the first bus with 4 or 5 other people then the driver shut the doors and started to drive away.

Cruise Ship Room

Cruise Ship Room

I was confused, but then Lisa pointed out that it was a bus for the first class passengers. We got to the terminal with a thousand other people and waited for our bags to arrive. While on our way over to the bag carousel we met our host for this part of the trip. He told us to grab our bags and wait for him.

We got our bags and our host led us to our van outside along with two other couples.

On our way to the cruise ship I started speaking to the couple in front of us and found out that they were from New Zealand, so I immediately told them that Lisa and I had vacationed in New Zealand three years ago, I also found out that the other couple was actually their parents.

Lisa was still feeling sick, so I ended up talking to them about New Zealand and there experience with there guide in Cairo the entire ride from the airport to docks. I learned that if anything there guide new to much and talked to much which is the exact opposite of what we got.

At the docks we got out of the van and walked down to to the ramp and had to cross over one boat to get to ours. We were then ushered into a lounge area where we sat down with Marc, April, Nancy and Ken and exchanged travel stories with one another until we got further instructions. The cruise ship was a lot better then I had imagined, it was really clean an well kept and the staff seemed to be very friendly an courteous. After 10 or 20 minutes a guy came along and introduced himself as magic and said that he would be our guide and host for the next 4 days. I got a good feeling from magic right away; he was in good spirits and had a good energy to him. Magic has us sign a few forms and collected our passports and returned shortly with our room keys.

We opened the door to our room and I was impressed with the over all size. It was a much bigger room then the one I had had on a cruise several years ago. Lisa was still not feeling any better at this time, so she threw her stuff down and crawled into bed. I hung around the room for a while but was to curious and wanted to check out the rest of the ship. I left Lisa sleeping in the room and decided to check out the parts fo the ship. The first floor is the main dining area the second is a lounge and reception area, floors 3 and 4 are rooms and shops and there fifth floor is the sun deck along with a pool.

I found some water first an came back to the room and made Lisa drink some water, I was pretty sure she was just dehydrated and exhausted and thought she would probably feel a lot better if she just drank some water. After delivering the water to the room I went up to the sun deck where know one could be found, grabbed a chair and started typing away at the previous journal entry.

Karnak Temple Entrance

Karnak Temple Entrance

Just before noon I headed back to the room to see if Lisa was up for lunch, she said no, so I went with out her. But only to come back a few minutes later because lunch was only served at 12:30.

12:30 I headed back down to the dining area without Lisa, I was seated at a table with Marc, April and Nancy. Ken, Nancy’s husband was feeling a little under the weather as well. We ate lunch and exchanged some more travel stories. After lunch I headed back to the room to see how Lisa was doing; she was starting to feel better. I myself was starting to feel a little tired so I decided I would take a quick 30 minute cat nape before having to leave for our afternoon tour to see the temple of Luxor and Karnake.

20 to 3 came pretty fast, I had trouble pulling myself out of bed but I eventually did. Lisa and I headed down to meet our tour guide and the rest of the group in the lobby at 10 to 3.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Karnak Temple

Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Karnak Temple

Our group of about 15 people loaded onto a bus and drove to our first destination which was the temple of Karnak. It took about 15 minutes to get to the temple of Karnak where we all unloaded and were taken into the visitors center. Our guide magic laid out the ground rules and then went into some details about the temple and pointed out some specific things about the temple on a small scale replica located in the visitors center.

Magic grabbed our tickets and we made our way towards the entrance of the temple. As we entered the temple magic gathered us around and started to pick out certain features of the temple and went into detail about there meaning. The temple of Karnak was built over 2000 years and you can definitely tell. The shear size of the temple is amazing; its absolutely gigantic. And not only is it large in size but also in height. Magic walked us through the temple and would pull us into a huddle every once in a while when we got to something important and he would go into detail of the meaning of the drawing or structure. We did this for about and hour an a half and then we got 30 minutes of free time to walk around ourselves and take pictures.

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple

Lisa and I headed of the beaten path again and to no surprise Lisa was approached by a tourist police and told to follow him, I tried telling Lisa lets turn around but she insisted. So we followed the tourist police around a wall where there were 4 gigantic statues all missing the top half of there bodies. The tourist police insisted we take photos and when he said that I knew what was coming. So I quickly snapped a few photos of Lisa in front of the statues and started walking back towards the rest of the tourist crowd and sure enough he wanted money. Not only did he want money but some other guy popped out of know where and he wanted some money as well. I gave the tourist police 2 American dollars and then walked away.

We joined back up with the group at the entrance and exited the temple and hoped back onto the bus. We then made our way over to the Luxor temple which happened to be right across from our boat. Same thing at Luxor, magic took us through the temple and pulled us aside every once in a while to give us more detail about a statue or structure. He took us on about an hours guided tour and then gave us 15 free minutes to walk around and take pictures. The sun was pretty much down by this time so it was hard to get any descent photographs, but I did manage to get a few by propping my camera up against some stones.

Supper Aboard the Nile Cruise Ship

Luxor was another amazing temple, there were huge columns which must way several hundred tons towering in the sky. Its hard to believe that someone without the use of today’s machines could raise such a structure.

After luxor we hopped back on the bus, a few of the guys in our group wanted to get some beer to bring back on the ship, since it was much cheaper. So magic and the bus made a special stop on the way back to the boat and got a few 24s of beer an some bottles of wine. Beer on the boat is almost 5 dollars but buying it in the market came to less then 2 dollars a beer.

Back on board the cruise ship we had 30 minutes to do whatever before we had to meet magic int he lounge area to go over the next days itinerary.

Magic gathered us all int he lounge and handed out the next days itinerary to the displeasure of a few as we would be waking up at 5 the next day to get started, this didn’t make a few of the group members to happy but they didn’t have much of a choice.

After magics itinerary overview, we headed down to the main floor for supper at around 8 pm. Lisa and I sat and chatted with the group till about 9 and decided that we should probably head back to our room to get an early nights sleep.

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