Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

Day 13

We got up at 6:15 to get packed and ready to go to Cape Town. Lisa and I threw our stuff into our suitcases and then headed down for breakfast of the dining room of the hotel.

Breakfast was the same as the other day and I had the exact same thing which was scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns.

The food was just as good as the other day. Lisa has some yogurt and toast.

After breakfast we headed back to our room and grabbed our bags and met our driver downstairs in the lobby of the hotel.

We threw our stuff into the car and the driver drove us the short distance to the airport and dropped us off at the domestic flight terminal.

We went to a few desks before we found the right desk which would print our boarding passes. Lisa and I got our passes without any problems and headed to our gate. At the gate we got a seat and sat down. We had an hour and a bit to kill before boarding the plane, so I took out my laptop and wrote down some of the ideas I had the other day for Lemon Free. The time went by fast and before I knew it we were boarding the plane.

Gondola Ride To The Top Of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Gondola Ride To The Top Of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

The flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town was 2 1/2 hours, I listened to the Dip Audio book most of the flight and Lisa just closed her eyes and tried to sleep.

Before we knew it we were touching down in Cape Town. We disembarked the plane on the tarmac and took a bus over to the terminal.

Lisa and I grabbed our bags and walked out into the lobby and looked for our names on a sign but didn’t see anything. We stood around for a few minutes and then decided we wood just take a cab but as we started walking one of the men had another sign under his original sign and sure enough it had our names on it.

He grabbed our bags and took us to the car; we then went on a 30 minute car ride through Cape Town and got to see a lot of the different parts of the city as we passed them on the freeway.

There were some great looking houses but there were also a few neighbourhoods that had houses the size of what looked liked to be one room, our driver said these were government houses. They looked well kept but were really small.

Cape Town, South Africa from the top of Table Mountain

Cape Town, South Africa from the top of Table Mountain

We got to our hotel around 12:30, checked in and went straight to our room. On our way over to the hotel our driver said that since it was such a nice day in Cape Town that we should check out the cable car ride at Table Top Mountain. He said a lot of people come here for several days and never get the chance to go to the top of the mountain as the cable cars are down often because of bad weather.

We grabbed our stuff and headed down to the tourist desk in the hotel lobby to see what types of transportation were available to the mountain. The guy jumped up out of his seat and said follow me, he waved down one of the hotel workers and instructed him to drive us to Table Top Mountain.

We hopped into the van and our driver introduced himself as Sanford and didn’t quit talking the whole 16 minute ride to the mountain. He was quite entertaining and was funny to listen to; Lisa and I liked him a lot.

South Africa Coast Line from the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town

South Africa Coast Line from the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town

Stanford dropped us off and because we didn’t want to use our cell phone because of the high charges Sanford said he would pick us up in 1 hour 30 minutes or at 3 o’clock. He said it only takes 5 minutes to get to the top and that would give us a lot of time to look around up on the mountain.

We grabbed our tickets which coasted 160 rand round trip or 80 rand one way. Lisa and I looked at each other and said one way; how are you supposed to get down?

We grabbed our tickets and got into line.

We’ll I’m not sure if the queue is always this big, but Lisa and I ended up waiting in line over 45 minutes before we got loaded up into the big cable car and whisked to the top of the mountain. There were two cable cars that went up and down the mountain at different times, the system used the weight off the cable car coming down the mountain to lift the other one to the top and vice versa, it was a pretty smart system.

Once loaded on the cable car it took about 2 minutes to get to the top of the mountain; to add to the experience the floor of the cable car rotated one complete turn before getting to the top, allowing everyone to get a 360 look.

V&A Waterfront, South Africa

V&A Waterfront, South Africa

By the time we got to the top it was 2:30 which didn’t leave us a whole lot of time to look around; that was ok with me as the lookout points on top of the mountain were a little scary for me.

The sides of the mountain are almost a straight drop to the bottom, so I being afraid of heights didn’t help. We did a quick 15 minute tour of the top of the mountain and quickly headed back down to meet Sanford for 3.

We just made it back down for 3 but didn’t see Sanford or the hotel van anywhere. We didn’t have a number to call so Lisa and I waited for 30 minutes and then decided to take a cab back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel we found out that Sanford had been stuck at the airport waiting for another pickup and sent another driver to pick us up at 3 in a different vehicle. When describing Lisa and I to the driver, Sanford told him that Lisa was wearing a green shirt, when she was wearing a grey shirt, so the driver had no way of finding us in the crowd.

Lisa and I headed back up to our room and decided what we wanted to do for the rest of the day and what we should do for supper. We finally decided that we would head down to the waterfront where there are a bunch of shops and restaurants; it’s the touristy part of the city.

Sushi / Sashimi at the Cape Town Fish Market Restaurant

Sushi / Sashimi at the Cape Town Fish Market Restaurant

We headed back down to the lobby and got the front desk to get us a driver to drive us down to the water front. We ended up getting Sanford again and he apologized for the Table Mountain incident, he then proceeded to tell us how his day had gone; it was pretty funny. Another couple had joined us in van as they were headed to the waterfront as well.

They were in a bit of a rush as they were supposed to go onto a cruise at 6:00 and it was already 5:55 by the time we made it to the V&A waterfront.

Lisa and I hopped out of the van, so I’m not quite too sure if the couple ever did make it to their cruise.

Lisa went into the giant shopping center and roamed around for a good hour looking at all the different shops; there was everything from a croc shoes store to a Louis Vuitton store.

Lisa and finally started to feel a little hungry and had been recommended a good sea food restaurant; the Cape Town fish market located in the waterfront center so we headed over to it.

Lisa and I sat down at a table for two on a patio located in the center, it wasn’t quite what I had in mind but it was alright. Lisa ordered a steak and potatoes and I ordered a sushi dish with some crab, cheeses and stuffed spring rolls as a starter.

The sushi was good but it wasn’t as fresh as I thought it would be, I’m no sushi expert but I’m sure I have had fresher fish back home in Winnipeg; oh well.

Everything was good but as like the rest of this trip Lisa didn’t have much of an appetite so I ended up eating all my sushi and eating a part of her steak and potatoes.

After supper we had the restaurant call the hotel to send a cab over to pick us up; I knew when I did it, it was probably a mistake.

Lisa and I quickly stopped at the grocery store located in the waterfront center to grab some water before heading outside to the main entrance to wait for our ride. It was pretty cold outside so Lisa stood inside while I waited by the street for our ride. I thought that this was going to end up like our Table Mountain situation but about 15 minutes later a cab pulled up and picked us up to bring us back to our hotel.

Lisa headed straight to our room to call it a night. Lisa wanted to shower so I thought it would be a good time to update the travel journal. I turned on the TV as well and started to watch the movie “Million Dollar Baby” at the same time. We ended up watching the whole movie and then called it a night.

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