Johannesburg, South Africa

Day 9

We grabbed our bags and headed for the exit where we were greeted by our South African host. Our guide gave us all our certificates for our South Africa trip and then led us over to the exchange counter where I converted the rest our American money to the South African Rand. 415 US dollars got me 3000 plus Rand. Our guide then said goodbye and we followed our driver out to the car.

Our hotel was located just outside the airport so it was only 5 minutes drive to our hotel. I could tell as soon as we started to drive, that South Africa was going to be a lot less stressful than Egypt. Everything was clean and green and no one was asking for money every second.

We walked into our hotel and I was impressed it was ultra modern and really comfortable. Our room wasn’t ready and wouldn’t be for another 2 hours so Lisa and I tried to get on to the Internet. We had to pay to get connected, although it was still too early to call home so we decided to hang out around the pool and have a few drinks.

Lisa had a Sprite and I asked for a food beer and got a Carling Black Label, I was expecting a good South African beer; oh well, there was always time for more.

On the patio beside the deck I found an electrical outlet to plug my laptop into, so I connected to the Internet and responded to some emails, then uploaded some photos, oh and had another beer; this time a local Pilsner. To be honest it wasn’t as good as the Carling Black Label.

At 1 o’clock Lisa checked to see if our room was ready; it was. Lisa went ahead while I finished my beer. I got up to the room; Lisa was at the door smiling, she said look at our room. I was expecting a big problem but was delighted to see an ultra modern tiny room which looked like it came out of the IKEA catalogue – I loved it.

The only weird part was that the wash room and bedroom were only separated by a curtain – I thought that was pretty cool.

We unloaded our gear, but we were both pretty tired so we decided to take a nap until 3:30.

5:00 and a few snooze buttons later we decided to get up and try to find some supper. We both got ready, and then headed down to the front desk to find out where we could eat. The girl at the desk pointed across the street and said we could find some restaurants over there. I thought it was going to be your typical expensive restaurants in a hotel but after walking thought the hotel we were delighted to find a large area with several restaurants, stores and a casino. It was kind of like the hotels in Las Vegas.

We checked out some of the menus and finally decided on a seafood restaurant; I was a little hesitant since it all looked to be deep fried but we tried it anyhow.

Lisa ordered the fish and chips with a glass of sprite, and I ordered the platter for one which had muscles, calamari, fish and shrimp along with a glass of Chardonnay.

Seadfood Supper, Johannesbug, South Africa

Seadfood Supper, Johannesbug, South Africa

Our food arrived and I was kind of disgusted, the whole bottom of the plate was a big pool of butter and all the seafood was sitting in it; it still tasted good but I could feel my arteries clogging up.

Lisa’s dish wasn’t quite as bad but she could only eat about half of it while a finished my plate without a problem. We didn’t stick around long after supper; we checked out a candy store but didn’t buy anything. We were both still quite tired so we thought we should call it a night and headed back to our hotel room.

In our room we got ready for bed and watched the end of a movie. I tried to call my mom one last time before bed but wasn’t able to reach her. I set the alarm for 6:15 am and shut the lights off.

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